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If you die without a will, New York State laws determine how and to whom your assets and property are distributed. This may be contrary to your wishes. When it comes to protecting your legacy, your property, and your loved ones, it is vital to create a solid estate plan, including wills, trusts and more.

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A properly drafted and executed will ensures your property will be distributed according to your wishes and allows you to make bequests to relatives, friends, and charitable organizations, or whomever else you decide.

Although a will governs what happens to certain assets when you are deceased, other documents allow people to help you while you are alive:

  • Durable Power of Attorney allows you to appoint an agent to handle financial matters and real estate transactions on your behalf as your “attorney-in-fact”. A validly executed power of attorney is an important tool which will allow someone to engage in estate planning and asset protection planning even in the event you become unable to make financial decisions due to illness or a medical condition.
  • Health Care Proxy allows you to appoint a person as your agent to make medical decisions on your behalf in the event you cannot speak for yourself for any reason. Your health care agent should be a person whom you trust, who knows your wishes about medical treatment and who is willing to take responsibility to ensure your wishes are followed.

Without these documents in place, if issues arise, your loved ones may need to petition the court for guardianship, and have the court appoint an individual to make financial and/or health care decisions.

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