Accounting Proceedings

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Fiduciaries are required to account to beneficiaries or to the court or to other institutions regarding their actions as a fiduciary. Some examples are:

An executor or administrator of an estate has the duty to account to the beneficiaries of an estate at the conclusion of estate administration, showing the assets collected, the debts and expenses paid and the amounts to be distributed.

A guardian has the duty to account to the court regarding the use of guardianship account funds, usually on an annual basis.

Trustees may also have the duty to account for their use of trust funds to the beneficiary, the court or to other institutions on an annual basis.

Our office can assist the fiduciary in the preparation and the filing of such accountings.

If you are a beneficiary of a trust or an estate, and if the fiduciary has not provided you with the proper information or may be hiding something, we can assist you in commencing legal proceedings to obtain this information.

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