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Elder Law Attorney Bronx


If you or a loved one needs assistance in applying for Medicaid or determining whether the qualification criteria for receiving entitlements have been met, there is great value in seeking the assistance of an Elder Law Attorney Bronx that is experienced and knowledgeable in Medicaid planning. Since qualifying for Medicaid entitlements is primarily a determination based upon income, it is very important to structure your financial accounts and assets in a way that will not impact eligibility for this very important government assistance.

With the average cost of enrolling into a full-time healthcare facility exceeding $140,000 per year, many families rely on Medicaid funding to supplement their existing income. Without this critical entitlement program, many families are unable to receive the healthcare that they require. An Elder Law Attorney Bronx will not only help you and your family throughout the Medicaid qualification process, but will also help you create an estate plan that will ensure that you and your loved ones are provided for and that your assets are protected.

If you need a high-quality Elder Law Attorney Bronx, Esther Schwartz Zelmanovitz, PLLC will work with you and your family to ensure that the unique needs of your family are being attended to with legal solutions that are tailored to your personalized wishes. For more information, please call today.